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Client Services


Obtaining video, audio or photographic evidence of malicious or inappropriate domestic or workplace actvity


Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Also known as debugging or electronic sweeping to provide an environment free from electronic eavesdropping or bugging


Digital Forensics

Analysis of mobile telephones and computers for spyware, misuse or other illegal activity


Regional Offices

Yarm (Teesside and North East)

London (City and Home Counties)




"Technical surveillance in the private sector, a question of regulation" PI Telegraph 2012  READ 

"Keeping an eye on the undercover boss" Evening Gazette 2012  READ


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Keeping an eye on things  READ



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Investigation and Security...... Welcome to Merloc

We’re here to help you obtain the information you need.

If you suspect someone close to you at work or at home may be deceiving you, the first step is to talk to us. Our expert team has over 85 years experience, and we’re here to help secure the evidence you need to make a decision about your future or to put your mind at ease.

Our initial consultation is free and there are no obligations. You’ll be able to talk through your individual situation with an expert, and be given advice on what to do next. We work with clients on domestic and corporate investigations, offering tailored support and business advice as needed.

Though we help clients in many different ways, we uncover the truth in every investigation.

You have the right to know… If you suspect it, can you afford to ignore it?


How we work:

We are a highly specialised private investigation company, providing a range of investigation and surveillance services. With offices in Yarm and London, we cover Teesside and the North East, and London and the Home Counties.  

We believe strongly in investing in advancing technology, so all operations use state-of-the-art equipment guaranteeing reliable results.


Why Choose Merloc?


Our Services:

Our services cover three main areas:

We work with clients to help them identify which solution is best for them, and all of our private investigations solutions are completely bespoke. 


If you suspect it can you afford to ignore it?

  • Well done to Sara Khan for her balanced and informative comments on BBC News today.
  • Well done to Sony pictures for showing The Interview on Xmas day and for standing up to state sponsored cyber terrorism.
  • Following a review by the MOD women soldiers can be fighting on the frontline from 2016. Say hello to GI Jane.
  • Sony Pictures pull the film The Interview following threats from hackers. Is this the most public cyber attack ever?
  • Sony Films hacking also costs them the loss of other sensitive information
  • Sony films are hacked possibly by North Korean intelligence services as Sony Playstation are hacked by The Lizard Squad hacking group
  • House of Commons bosses investigate how an MP was secretly filmed playing Candy Crush during a key pensions meeting but not the MP?????
  • Ms E Thornberry resigns ref Tweet showing house flying the Cross of St George. Unlike the householder I ask does Emily understand patriotism
  • Head of counter terrorism states Edward Snowden leaks have raised the terrorists awareness of the power of the intelligence agencies
  • Should reintroduction of the death penalty be decided by national referendum or left to politicians and what would be the outcomes of both??
  • Latest news on BBC Ebola checks at airports in the UK confirms to me it's a waste of time making it voluntary.

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